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HighTech Garage Door Service New Hope, MN 763-710-8195The springs to your garage door are as important a component as the door tracks. It is in the springs that tension is carried, so that the door can raise and close and stay in place when in operation. As garage doors can be heavy, a loss in the spring’s tension can cause it to give way, creating a dangerous situation. Problems with springs that are loose or broken can be handled immediately by HighTech Garage Door Service and its trained professionals who arrive to apply the appropriate repair to resolve any spring tension issue.

HighTech Garage Door Service provides quick fixes to your garage door spring problems. Because of the technicians we hire and their experience and training, HighTech Garage Door Service is able to make recommendations as to the solution that works best for you. We work to restore your garage door to its operational function, eliminating problems caused by springs with poor tension. We have the ability to replace the bad door springs because of our well equipped mobile units dispatched to your location in New Hope, MN.

A garage door works correctly when the ratio between the tension in the springs and the door’s weight are balanced. For example, if your door weighs about 150 pounds, the tension in the springs must be adjusted to the same amount in order to properly lift and close the door. We understand the weight-to-tension relationship so it is ideal to contact HighTech Garage Door Service service technicians to come to your area in the New Hope, MN district and properly repair your garage door springs.

We bring a complete working knowledge about spring tension and door weight. HighTech Garage Door Service service professionals understand the balance that must exist between these aspects of your springs and through our training and experience, we are able to solve your pressing garage door issue immediately.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are a type of garage door spring that handle the weight of your door. The placement of a beam at the top of the garage door aids in the operation of this spring. It is also operated by a cable. As the door is raised this causes the torsion spring to uncoil during normal operation. As the torsion spring coils, the reverse action occurs causing the door to close properly.

Actions between the torsion spring and garage door are in sync with each other. Their design properly handles the weight of a door. Lay persons without the proper training or experience may be ill-equipped to handle the repair of this type of spring. A lack of basic knowledge in the relationship between weight and tension can cause a repair by a untrained professional to become difficult and possibly dangerous.

We have an understanding of what proper torsion springs should be relative to the type of garage door you have installed. Residential garage doors typically require two or less springs to handle the weight of the door. Commercial doors require more than two springs in order to properly work. The heavier the door, the more springs are needed to handle the distribution of tension relative to weight.

Extension Springs

Extension springs are another type of spring that are used to deal with the relationship between tension and weight. The extension springs are designed with areas that are open for the mounting of heavy machinery that is located within the door’s system.

The extension springs act as an offset to the weight of the door in order for it to open and close more efficiently. The extension springs draw together as the door rises and retract when closing the garage door. These springs carry the same tension offset as torsion springs do. You can be injured or otherwise harmed if you attempt to make a repair to bad extension springs.

You should have your garage door springs inspected regularly in order to prevent problems from occurring. This can be important should they become either worn or broken. Your garage door spring should always be addressed by an experienced professionals such as those employed by HighTech Garage Door Service.